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Types of Membership:

  • Benefactor Members: Benefactors are members who have contributed $50,000 or more (cumulative) to the HTW over their lifetime.
  • Patron Members: Patron Members are members who have contributed at least $10,000 but less than $50,000 (cumulative) to the HTW over their lifetime.
  • Donor Members: Donor Members are members who have contributed at least $1,000 but less than 10,000 (cumulative) over their lifetime.

In order to be eligible to vote in this year’s election to be held in December, a person should have been a member of the temple on or before June 30 of the current year, per requirements specified in the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin Constitution. Relevant portions of the said Constitution are included in the instruction page accompanying the Membership Application Form, a copy of which may be downloaded from the web site or obtained from the temple. Please call, write to, or email the temple if additional details are required.

Membership Application Form

HTW_Membership_Application_Form  (Kindly Fill out, Print & Submit this form to the temple office)

Life Membership

This program was created to enable children to become life members of HTW.  Parents can pay $1001 to HTW for each child under 18, who in turn will get voting rights once they turn 18.  This program creates a sense of belonging on the part of children when they see their names listed on the plaque in the temple.  Parents get the satisfaction that they are helping preserve the religion and culture of their ancestors.  Initially some 60 children signed up for this program.  They are listed in Founding Members category.  Later names are listed on the plaque in front of the HTW office.

By Laws

The current version of HTW By Laws can be found here.

Code of Conduct

All Temple visitors are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct. A copy of the Code of Conduct can be found here.