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Timings and Other details

Food as we all know, is not just one of the main aspects of Indian culture but often times defines our culture. It is an integral part of most of our festivals, religious rituals and celebrations and is the keystone of our families and society. HTW cafeteria is run with these sentiments in mind for all devotees and community members. We aim to cook and serve freshly prepared, varied and authentic Indian food encompassing different regional cuisines.

Support the cafeteria team’s endeavor to raise funds for the upkeep and maintenance of our temple! For any cafeteria related enquiries or questions,
contact Ashok Tripathi at 262-794-1079 or Anita Gupta at 262-617-4045.

Cafeteria timings

Regular Hours

Saturdays and Sundays: 11:30 am2:30 pm

Special Hours

Open on select events and festivals.

Menu for this weekend is provided below. An assortment of snacks and sweets are also available for purchase at the HTW office during the week and in the cafeteria during the weekend.