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The Brahmotsavam festival, also known as Brahma’s Utsavam, is a six (6) day celebration at our Hindu Temple of Wisconsin, Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA honoring Lord Brahma’s gift to Lord Vishnu. The festival’s name comes from Indian scriptures that say Lord Brahma performed the Utsavam to thank Sri Vishnu for protecting the humanity.
It is a significant Hindu festival marked by elaborate processions, rituals, and festivities spanning several days, during which the presiding deity is worshiped with great devotion and pomp. The festival includes processions called Utsavams that feature the Sri Vishnu Utsava Murthi on different chariots, or Vahanas. The festival is characterized by colorful decorations, traditional music and dance performances, and the participation of devotees from far and wide. It holds deep religious and cultural significance, serving as a time for spiritual renewal, community bonding, and celebration of divine grace.
Brahmotsavam, in our temple, is not just a religious event but also a cultural extravaganza that brings together people of diverse backgrounds to celebrate the essence of Hinduism and spirituality in our Greater Milwaukee area. Please join us in the celebration and receive the blessings of Sri Vishnu & goddess Lakshmi. See the flier for the event details.
On Sunday June 30th, we invite everyone to participate by bringing a homemade Bakshanam (sweet or savory prashad) to offer. Please deliver parshad to HTW Auditorium by 11 am. To ensure a variety of offerings, we kindly ask that you sign up for the specific item listed or any other item you would like to bring. We are looking forward to seeing you and your family and celebrating together!
  Signup below for Dwadasa Aradhana and need offering by 1 PM