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Temple Tours

We heartily welcome you to tour the sacred Hindu Temple of Wisconsin.  Guided tours are offered to individuals and groups (small and large) by the temple’s Education Committee. 

The Temple receives requests for tours throughout the year. We will be more than happy to schedule one for you. 

Please contact the Chair of the Education Committee, Anita Gupta at, with the following information:

  • Name of the organization and of the contact person
  • Number of adults and children (age or grade) in the group
  • Telephone number and e-mail address of the contacting individual
  • Duration and expectations from the tour

Total duration of the tour is about an hour to an hour and a half.  This includes a guided tour and an accompanying PPT presentation on Hinduism and a sharing of Information regarding the various programs offered at the temple that include spiritual discourses, yoga classes, spiritual and educational programs for children and adults, classes in various Indian dance forms, and language instruction in Hindi and other regional languages.


We do not charge any fee for the temple tour.  However, donations to the temple are always appreciated.  Visitors wishing to make donations are requested to use the donation boxes in the temple for this purpose. Donations through a check payable to the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin are also welcome.  If you need an acknowledgement receipt, please contact the front desk.


We would appreciate knowing from you well in advance if you would not be able to attend the tour as planned.  Also, in case less than 4 persons are registered for a particular date, the management reserves the right to reschedule the tour to a future date.

Dress Code

We request you to kindly wear respectable clothing that goes with the dignity of the temple. We ask shoes to be removed prior to entering the main hall of the temple.

Strictly Prohibited

Entering the inner sanctorum wherein the deity is installed is forbidden. Use of mobile phones and cameras in the main hall is also prohibited.

Other Policies

During the tour, if you come across a worship service, we request you to respect privacy and maintain silence. Students, who are to gather any kind of material for their religion class, will be assigned to the tour guides after registration. At the end of the tour, you will be given an evaluation form. We truly value your feedback as it motivates us to better ourselves and serve the interests and needs of the wider community. And therefore, we ask you to kindly take a few minutes and complete the form.

The Priests are authorized to conduct the activities of the Temple. All patrons entering the Temple shall follow the rules set by The Board of Directors in consultation with the priest. The following will constitute disorderly conduct and could result in immediate expulsion from the Temple.

  1. Disobeying Priest’s Order
  2. Interfering with ongoing ceremonies
  3. Conducting programs not authorized by the Board
  4. Chanting loudly, causing disturbance to other temple patrons and priest services
  5. Use of inappropriate language
  6. Failure to cooperate with the authorized temple volunteers/staff
  7. Unauthorized posting or distribution of materials
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