HTW Major Projects

DHWAJA STAMBHAM / WELCOME CENTER – Construction in Progress
DhwajaStambh literally means flagpole and is essential for all Hindu Temples.  This structure, belonging to the Vedic tradition, is a key element wherein the life energy of the Temple is installed.  It is constructed and installed as per agama principles between the main entrance of the Temple and the GarbhaGruha (Main Sanctum) of the Temple.  Worshipping the Dhwaja itself equals worshipping the Main Deity in the Temple.  The Dhwaja raises man to a higher level of understanding and activity.  We needed to install the DhwajaStambh before we perform Kumbhabhishekham in the Twelfth year after the Temple is built.  This project will complete our Temple. A new Welcome center will allow us to move the office, the coat / shoe room as well as the bathrooms to an outer building and away from the Temple inner sanctum.  This will open up the Temple Hall for accommodating more devotees as well as removing any non-religious/non-spiritual activity from inside the Temple.  This is also a must, according to the sastras, for installing the DhwajaStambh.

The numbers of devotees attending either religious or cultural events have gone up significantly in the last few years.  Simply put, our community has outgrown our Temple.  Parking has become a serious problem on most of the major events at the Temple, even with the cooperation of the Church next door.  We had more than 1,500 people visit our Temple during Anand Mela and Diwali functions.  Funds are needed to extend our parking lot by about 100 spaces.

Ongoing Projects

We have made significant strides in paying off our temple debt, and paid off the previous loan in 2014.  But it would be nice if the Temple is debt free and we should make every effort towards eliminating our debt and making the Temple debt free.  Money earmarked for debt relief by devotees, will only be used for reducing the Temple debt.

This program was created to enable children to become life members.  Parents can pay $1,001 for their children below 18 years old, and those children will get voting rights once they turn 18.  This program creates a sense of belonging on the part of the children when they see their names listed on the plaque.  Parents get the satisfaction that they are helping preserve the religion and the culture of their ancestors.  Initially some 60 children signed up for this program and are listed in Founding Members category.  Names of later Life Members are listed on the plaque in front of the HTW office.

The cost of running the Temple is over $1,400 a day.  This includes operations and maintenance.  To defray some of this cost, the Sponsor-A-Day program was created.  Devotees can select one or more days (birthday, marriage day, punyatithi etc.) for sponsorship.  In return they can have puja of their choice done at the HTW by the priest.  They will also get use of auditorium and kitchen for Four hours providing they book at least 6 months in advance.  The cost of sponsorship is $600.

This project was also initiated to bring in a fixed amount of money upfront that could be used for the daily maintenance of the Temple.  Devotees can select one of the five different sponsorship levels that are available in this category.  The levels are Diamond ($5000), Platinum ($2,500), Gold ($1,000), Silver ($500) and Bronze ($250).

Many Devotees expressed interest in Sponsoring pujas that are performed regularly throughout the year.  These Yearly pujas are performed in the name of the sponsor whether they are present or not and the prasadam is sent to the devotee’s home every month.

The Temple is more than 10 years old and it needs a lot of maintenance to keep things functioning smoothly (sewer systems, furnace and air conditioning systems, parking lot maintenance, to name a few).  Funds are needed to either repair or buy new systems when the old ones stop working. These expenses are significant and donations made in this category will help the Temple with these unexpected expenses.

This program has been created to enable and encourage the entire community to participate in and fund the temple’s operations and maintenance expenses through simple, regular monthly donations.