Lectures and Interfaith Relations

With its focus on Unity – under diversity of forms, diversity of paths, and diversity of modes of worship – openness to interfaith dialogue and a positive stance towards other religions have come quite naturally to Hinduism. Interreligious encounters, especially in our globalized world, however, have not only brought peoples and diverse communities together, they have also blown them apart by acts of terrorism, violence, and the intense hatred for the different “other”.  Similar to other major interfaith initiatives in the area, the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin has been actively engaged in building bridges of understanding and friendship among different religions, and creating local communities of peace and justice for the promotion of the common good.  The temple has very active interfaith lectures, discussions, dialogues and temple tours, catering to large audiences for:

  • Sharing the knowledge about our philosophy, culture, religion, religious practices and the Indian community.
  • Addressing common perceptions and prejudices about our religion.
  • Learning about and positively relating to members of other faith traditions.

Recent lectures and discussions have focused on topics such as: Gandhian nonviolence; the Vedanta; the message of the Bhagavad Geeta; the Hindu view toward the “other”/other peoples, their religions and their prophets; the caste system; ‘multiple Gods’ and ‘image worship’ in Hinduism; the Hindu trinity and the ‘Avatars’; ‘creation’ and apocalypse in Hindu religion; Hindu mysticism and yogic practice; the Hindu view of sin, redemption, and moksha (salvation); death and dying; rebirth and reincarnation. In addition to organizing lectures, temple tours and major interfaith events as part of its educational and outreach efforts, the temple has been engaged in feeding the hungry, raising funds for the needy and for the families and communities devastated by violence and natural calamities, and supporting local initiatives for promoting public welfare and positive environmental stewardship.

  • To arrange lectures, panel discussions, and interfaith dialogues on Hindu religion, culture, and philosophy or on the philosophy and practice of Gandhian non-violence in your place of worship or in civic and educational institutions, please contact Temple Office during temple working hours.
  • To arrange a temple tour, please check under “Temple Tours”.