Come, join us in singing bhajans and immerse yourself in bliss. The devotional language and soulful music of these songs are deeply rooted in our tradition. Singing them is the best way to completely submit oneself to god. Not to mention, the stress-removing effect these melodious songs have on the participants.

Day and time: Every month, 1st and 3rd Sunday, 2PM to 3PM

And come along with your whole family. Bhajans can help everyone in the family (even the youngest ones) learn about our cultural and moral values. So let the sound of cymbals and tambourines invoke the divine within you and bring your family closer.

Blossom as One
Come Join us at the Temple
Every First and Third Sunday of the Month 2PM to 3PM
Immerse yourself in Bliss
Singing the Sweet Names of the Lord
Bring your whole family
Let Kids learn about our Rich tradition of Stories and Moral Lessons
Help to teach the next generation the ways of our ancient traditions and Values